The Unofficial 2018/19 Draw Results are below.  The default view is sorted in alphabetical order by Last NameNOTE:  There are multiple pages to view, so if you do not see a particular name, please be sure to check the next pageTo do a quick search, enter the First or Last Name in the Search field below.  You can also sort by any heading by simply clicking any bolded heading.

St Louis, Louis L41RIFLEBULL1st
Demell, Darrel J T48RIFLEBULL1st
Sennett Jr, Joesph Elroy48RIFLECOW1st
Demell, Chad A G48RIFLEBULL1st
Frew, Derel55ARIFLEBULL2nd
Halliday, Thomas57RIFLEBULL2nd
Gaudette, Allan 61RIFLEBULL2nd
Harrington, Cecil 62BOWBULL2nd
MacIntosh, Lukas 62BOWCOW2nd
Souliere, David 63RIFLECOW2nd
Jones, Jason HMapped AreaRIFLEELK (COW)1st
Sudds, Kevin WMapped AreaRIFLEELK (COW)1st
Tennant, Michael GMapped AreaRIFLEELK (COW)1st
Oattes, Richard GMapped AreaRIFLEELK (COW)1st
Halliday, Thomas JMapped AreaRIFLEELK (COW)1st
Thompson, Glen D48BOWBULL1st
Turcotte, Debra-Lynn I48BOWCOW1st
Lance, Todd W48BOWBULL1st
Fleury, Michel L48BOWCOW1st
Sernoskie, Marilyn L48BOWBULL1st
Green, Luke C48BOWCOW1st
Thomspson, Roy P48BOWBULL1st
Montgomery, Shelley T48BOWCOW1st
Oates, Brittany M51RIFLEBULL1st
Gutoskie, Natasha C51RIFLECOW1st
Jones, Kenneth J51RIFLEBULL1st
Turcotte, Joliene G M51RIFLECOW1st
Cybulski, Kevin V51RIFLEBULL1st
Jones, Wayne H51RIFLECOW1st
Hampel, Stacy S51RIFLEBULL1st
Lance, Ralph D51RIFLECOW1st
Romain, James D51RIFLEBULL1st
Earnest, Alex J51RIFLECOW1st
Green Sr, Parnell J51RIFLEBULL1st
Turcotte, James A51RIFLECOW1st
Giroux, Adrien J C51RIFLEBULL1st
Leroux, Floyd J51RIFLECOW1st
Dennis C Lapointe51RIFLEBULL1st
Laverdure, Wilbert J51RIFLECOW1st
Lair, Mark P51RIFLECOW1st
Paquette, Bruce T51RIFLECOW1st
Romain, Todd C51RIFLECOW1st
Yantha, Brittany M55ABOWBULL1st
Frew, Dale W55BBOWBULL1st
Roggie, Bryan K W55BBOWCOW1st
Green, Gerry A55BBOWBULL1st
Turcotte, Jordan T55BBOWCOW1st
Summers, Michael A55BRIFLECOW1st
Halliday, Rodney R B58RIFLECOW1st
McGrath, Kate J58RIFLEBULL1st
Souliere, Mervin R58RIFLECOW1st
Tennant, Steven G63RIFLEBULL1st