Moose Draw Results
2016 – 2017   B.A.F.N. Draw Results

Unofficial Moose Results

Saturday, July 16, 2016 ( draw took place at the Pembroke  Legion Hall )

( A Computer Number Generator Program Was Used To Draw The Winning Names)



Lance, Todd W. 48 Cow
Tierney, Edward J. 48 Bull
MacIntosh, Taylor  H. 48 Cow
Ryan, Anita R. 48 Bull
Gallan, Stephen J. 55A Cow
Rutter, Francis A. 55A Bull
Frew, Ronald  D. 55B Cow
Lavigne, Timothy C. 55B Bull
McGrath, Kate J. 55B Cow
Montgomery, James D. 55B Bull
Holly, Tracy L. 58 Cow
Lance, Sylvia J, 58 Bull





BOW – MOOSE DRAW-Second Draw

Allaire, Joshua  W. 55A Cow
Costello, Corey W. 55A Bull
Schofield, Marc J. 63 Bull
Tierney, Robert  J. 63 Cow
Mielke, Angela D. 65 Bull

Moose Rifle

Name WMU Sex
St Louis, Louis L. 41 Bull
Demell, Darrel  J.T. 48 Bull
Turcotte, David K. 48 Cow
Ross, Gregory  D. 48 Bull
Gaudette, Raymond J. 48 Cow
Meilleur, Robert D. 51 Cow
Souliere, Rebekah C. 51 Bull
Cronier, Yvon R. 51 Cow
Burke, Alex O. 51 Bull
Laverdure, Wilbert J. 51 Cow
Turcotte, Allan E 51 Bull
Francoeur, Gilles J. 51 Cow
Fleury, Wayne C. 51 Bull
Leroux, Floyd J. 51 Cow
Brunette, Thomas A. 51 Bull
Jones, Paul  M. 51 Cow
Leroux, Gregory M. 51 Bull
Green Jr, Christopher A. 51 Cow
Green Sr, Parnell J. 51 Bull
Souliere, Harold  A. 51 Cow
Jeffrey, William J. 51 Bull
Beauchamp, Denis A. 51 Cow
Souliere, Mervin R. 51 Cow
Regier, Jonathan C.J. 51 Cow
Community Tag 51 Cow
Community Tag 51 Bull
Cybulski, Adam V. 55B Cow
Halliday, Thomas J. 58 Bull
Halliday, RodneyR.B. 58 Cow

Rifle Second Draw

Name WMU Sex
Hampel, Stacy S. 55A Bull
Gaudette, Allan J. 57 Bull
Tennant, Steven G. 61 Cow
Soulier, David W. 63 Bull

ELK Rifle

Name SEX
Marchand-Dunn, Jessica B. Cow
Turcotte, Allan E. Cow
Montgomery, Edward P. Cow
Gaudette, Allan J.J. Cow
Jones, Jason  H. Cow
Community Tag Cow
Community Tag Bull