Sun Rise Ceremony

Each morning a Sunrise Ceremony was held at dawn around the sacred fire, which was kept burning throughout the gathering by a Firetender. People were free to offer sacred tobacco and their prayers to the fire at any time during the day or night. When approaching the sacred fire, one would enter at the eastern door and always travel clockwise (or sunwise) around the fire area. At the Sunrise Ceremony, the sacred pipe was lit and passed to everyone in attendance. The rising sun was honored, and the Creator was thanked for the opportunity of the new day.

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What you will need:

  • Sage
  • Sweetgrass
  • Cedar
  • Tobacco
  • Matches
  • Shell or bowl
  • Fan or Feather
  1. The four sacred plants are sage, tobacco, cedar, and sweetgrass.
  2. Mix together the plants you will be using, place them in a bowl/shell and light them.
  3. When burning, use a fan/feather to put out the flame. Keep fanning to keep it smouldering.
  4. Smudge any medicine tools you will be using in the ceremony.
  5. Draw the smoke to your heart, then over your head, down your arms, and down the front of your body then the back of your body toward the ground.
  6. Offer smoke to the four directions. Which are north, south, east and west.
  7. After you have smudged yourself and offered the smudge, you can hold the bowl/shell while other people present smudge.

In ceremony, a smouldering braid of sweetgrass is taken around the circle gathered. Sweetgrass represents Mother Earth’s hair. Each participant then cups the smoke in their hands and bathes themselves with it. The smoke from the sweetgrass promotes positive energy and good thoughts. Sweetgrass grows wild in many parts of North America. It has no mind altering nor addictive qualities. It is not smoked nor inhaled.
Tobacco is the first plant given by the Creator. It is used for Prayers, requests, and thanksgiving It is held ill the left hand (the hand being closest to the heart) and talked to. Thus its smoke becomes the bearer of our Prayers1 to the Creator. Afterwards, it is offered to the fire or sprinkled on the ground, where it will not be tread Upon. In seeking the advice of an Elder or Teacher, one holds a pouch of tobacco in the left hand while speaking The Elder or Teacher will accept the Pouch of tobacco if she/he feels they can help you.

Sage is a silver looking leaf. It has a powerful smell. This plant can be used to Purify your body, surrounding5 and keep you in good health.Cedar gives off a sweet smell. You use this to Purify your body from disease and to Protect you from evil.

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