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Circle of Turtle Lodge
Sweat Lodge Teachings
April 29th @ 9 AM

This will be a full day of theory and practical teachings about how to build a lodge and harvest what is needed for the ceremony, followed by participating in the ‘Sweat’. Please expect to be outdoors all day: bring work clothes appropriate for the weather, drinking water and lunch/snacks to get you through the day, a lawn chair, natural fabric clothes for the ceremony, dry clothes for afterward, and a food contribution for our Feast that follows. Women must have long skirts for the whole day. We are also hoping for many men to attend to learn about being Fire Keepers; please encourage the men in your circles to take part

I’ve attached an excerpt from our book Anishnabe 101 that is about the Sweat Lodge Ceremony to give you some background. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the number below. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Anyone interested in attending, please complete the Membership Form. Aimee Bailey, Spokesperson 613-625-9980 The Circle of Turtle Lodge 13162B Hwy 60 Golden Lake, On K0J 1X0

Dedicated to helping Indigenous people access Traditional Ceremony & Teachings. Please have interested people complete and return our Membership form. Megwetch.

The  Bonnechere  Algonquin First Nation has status and Non Status Members who Are Striving to reach a Land Claim settlement with the Ontario and Canadian Governments.

Algonquin's Of Ontario Land Claim Area Map

Click on map to enlarge it

Bonnechere Algonquin First Nation Community Calendar 2016

Calf Moose Season now Closed In W.M.U. 48

Call for Expressions of Interest for Exciting Contract and Employment Opportunities with CN!


CN is currently seeking Expressions of Interest from Algonquins of Ontario contractors, suppliers and members for contracting and employment opportunities for upcoming work at the Mile 109 site in Algonquin Park. Information received will be used to solicit bids for the upcoming remedial activities and passed on to subcontractors for partnering opportunities for the project.

To learn more about this opportunity, or for further details on submitting an Expression of Interest, please contact:


CN c/o Golder Associates

Tel: 613-592-9600

Fax: 613-592-9601


Expressions of Interest must be submitted to CN c/o Golder Associates no later than 4 PM on Thursday, December 15, 2016.

Click Here For More Info

The Outreach for the Fisheries Research Technician Contract Position

Click Here

the outreach for the Fisheries Research Technician contract position as part of the partnership between the Algonquins of Ontario and Harkness Laboratory of Fisheries Research. The contract will run from December 12, 2016 – March 31, 2017. However, the start date may be later depending on ice conditions but will start no later than January 3, 2017. Qualified candidates are invited to submit their applications no later than 2 p.m. on Wednesday, December 7, 2016.
Further details can be found at:

six exciting employment opportunities with the AOO Consultation Office

1. Administrative Assistant

2. Consultation Coordinator

3. Economic Development Officer

4. Lands Resource Technician

5. Policy and Strategic Initiatives Analyst

6. Strategic Communications Coordinator

Click Here To Find Out More Information

October 18, 2016 at 3:46:07 PM EDT Federal and Provincial Governments as as well as the AOO signing the Agreement in principal

Draft Constituion For The Algonquin Nation Of Ontario in PDF Click Here

Unoficial Elk and Moose Draw Results Drawn on Saturday July 16, 2016

Harkness Labratories require Volunteer Fish Taggers Click Here To View The  Poster in PDF

Painted Paddle Project

Click Here to download Painted Paddle Project

click on image above to download vet application

Please note that Assistant BAFN Nancy Ward's contact information is now

Telephone 613-639-5780 .. e-mail

You can see the land selections by checking the website at the following address:

Saturday December 3,2016 BAFN Christmas Dinner and Dance starting at 5 P.M. more information to follow.

Algonquins Of Ontario Enrolement Application

Master Schedule of Approved Algonquin Ancestors As Of October 10, 2013

Wild Meat  Recipes Click Here

!!! Many Of Our members Have Their Own Business and Services !!!

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The Clan System

Click on the picture above of the clan system to enlarge it

New !!!  Algonquin's of Ontario Enrolment Application

The new application is available now it contains both the Enrolment & AIP sections in the one application.

Click Here To Download It

The Preliminary Draft and Maps Are now public Click below to link to the Algonquin's Of Ontario Website to view them or download them.

The Algonquin's Of Ontario Now Has It's Own Web Site Click On The Logo Below To Check Out The Go To  The Site

Click Here to download the New Algonquins Of Ontario Identification Card Application

Please mail the completed application to

Bonnechere Algonquin First Nation
57 Bonnechere Street South
Renfrew, Ontario
K7V 1Z2

Aboriginal Youth Work Exchange Program Video

Click Here To View The Video

We now have a dedicated Fax number so you can fax your moose applications directly to the Fax number and not have to wait for the fax machine to be turned on...

Fax Number is   613-432-5893

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Please direct any comments or inquiries to: Chief Richard Zohr

   Webmaster ( G Waito )