Project Description:
Stage 2 archaeological assessment, 291 Carling Avenue
291 Carling Avenue (near Dow’s Lake), Ottawa Ontario 
Work Scope:
Scope of the project consists of the completion of 2-3 Stage 2 archaeological trenches in areas presumed to have archaeological potential at 291 Carling Avenue in Ottawa. The trenches will be excavated over areas where the remains of late 19th structures may occur in the north end of the property. Some limited test pit survey may also occur along the east edge of the property to determine whether that area has also been disturbed.
Number of Archaeological
Liaisons Requested:
The Stage 2 is tentatively scheduled to begin November 27, 2019 and will run for approximately 3 days.  Working week is Monday to Friday, and generally from 8:00 am to 5pm. 
Personal Protective
6 – 8-inch steel toed boots, hard hat, gloves, eye protection and high visibility vest.
PPE other than boots can be provided if none are available.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Sarah Cronier, Cultural Heritage Program Coordinator at 613-735-3759 (office) or by email at no later than 2 PM on Wednesday November 20, 2019.
Should you be selected to participate, please provide a written report of your experience of the assessment to Sarah Cronier, by email within one week of completing the assessment.