About Us:

Bonnechere Inodewiziwin Abinodjinish Kikinamagan (BIAK) which is our new Family and Child Service
department EarlyON Centre program opening in 2018 in Renfrew County in partnership with the County of
Renfrew County Child Care and Early Years Division. This program is dedicated to providing quality interactive
Indigenous learning and memorable experiences.

Much has been lost over the years for Algonquins to maintain their cultural identity. Bonnechere Algonquin
First Nation (BAFN) community has identified the need, not only to retain what we have, but to revive our
Algonquin culture, knowing the value that comes with being grounded and centered in one’s Indigenous culture
and the value of its reconciliation within the larger community.

Our goal for the program is to provide Algonquin and Indigenous cultural teachings to off-reserve Indigenous
children/families and non-Indigenous children/families in Renfrew County within a childcare and family system
that provides high-quality teachings. We want to enhance the cultural identity of Aboriginal people and to
build on a renewed cultural awareness with the non-native community throughout the region.

We are starting to plan these teaching sessions that will include certified teachers and Elders that may cover
the following:

  • Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers
  • Traditional Algonquin Teachings
  • Medicine Wheel Teachings
  • Language Teachings
  • Anishinabe Clan System
  • Prayer and song teachings
  • Create Indigenous crafts and drums
  • Traditional medicine
  • Traditional cooking
  • Jingle dress and regalia making
  • Drumming classes
  • Storytelling

One of our goals would be to partner with existing child care centresand schools within Renfrew County and
provide these teachings within their settings. We also are planning to hold our own training sessions within
the county for young children. Some of these sessions will include all family members (parents and children).
For further information please contact Program Managers, Nancy Ward, 613-639- 5780, email:
n.ward@bell.net or Lyda Manwell, 613-433- 9085, email: inspirit@nrtco.net.

Nancy Ward
BAFN Program Manager/Assistant