For Immediate Release 

Indigenous Health Engagement Sessions: Your Voice, Your Health 

The Ottawa Valley Ontario Health Team (OVOHT) is pleased to announce a series of Indigenous Engagement sessions open to all status and non-status Indigenous people, Métis, and Inuit. These sessions are an important step in the development of an Indigenous Health Circle and in improving health outcomes for Indigenous people in our region. 

These sessions will focus on experiences with healthcare, healthcare needs, cultural sensitivity, and the development and need for an Indigenous Health Circle. We believe that hearing directly from the Indigenous community about their healthcare experiences and needs is crucial to shaping a healthcare system that is responsive, inclusive, and culturally respectful. 

The Indigenous Engagement sessions will be held as follows: 

* January 31, 2024, at Renfrew Legion, Renfrew 

* February 7, 2024, at Best Western, Pembroke 

* February 21, 2024, at Petawawa Civic Center, Petawawa 

* February 28, 2024, at Deep River Recreation Center, Deep River 

All meetings will run from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and will take place in a culturally sensitive environment. Light refreshments will be provided. 

We strongly encourage Indigenous people to join these sessions and share their experiences with healthcare. Your stories and perspectives are critical to establishing an Indigenous Health Circle that genuinely represents and addresses the needs of our Indigenous community. Together, we can create a healthcare system that truly serves all members of our community. For more information, please contact Kevin Lamarr, Indigenous Engagement Specialist at