Mr. Robin Tinney is heading up this Truth & Reconciliation Art Project!  He is from the Kijicho Manitou Madaouskarini Algonquin First Nation (Bancroft Community).  It was featured in the BAFN Nov 2022 Newsletter. If you are or have any artists within your BAFN family that may be interested in this project please pass on the info to them.  Robin will be doing a presentation by Zoom at Saturday’s meeting. In addition to holding in-person, and community specific meetings about the Truth and Reconciliation Project, there are scheduled Zoom meetings to go over the information for any artists/craftspeople who might be interested in taking part in this exhibition.  The scheduled meetings are on Mondays and Thursdays in February and March. Below is a direct link to the dates posted on our dedicated website.  You need to email us to get the meeting code and password sent back to you.

Truth and Reconciliation Project – Algonquin Indigenous Art Exhibit – Deadline: June 30, 2023 Honorarium: (if selected) $400

Part One – “Truth”

The overall goal is to select the best 15 works from the entire AOO group based on the theme of “Truth” and show them at the Art Gallery of Bancroft for the month of September 2023. The artists whose work is selected for this project will get paid $400 just for showing their work. If you are interested in participating in “Truth” (must be an Algonquin community artist) please visit to fill out a short form to provide information about you and your art/craft.

Part Two – “Reconciliation”

The second half of the exhibit is for non-Indigenous Artists from the greater Bancroft area for the “Reconciliation” part of the exhibit. Reconciliation requires Canadians to see and acknowledge the Truth of what was historically done to eliminate Indigenous people as a means of gaining free access to our land and resources. If you are interested in the “Reconciliation” part of the project, please visit to fill out a short form to provide information about you and your art/craft. If your work is chosen and is exhibited in the gallery for the show, you will be paid an Artist Fee. 

Please see for more information on the Truth and Reconciliation Art Exhibit.