Hydro One – South Nepean Transmission and Transformer Station Project (Our File CP 267-7)

Project Description:
Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment of the South Nepean Power Corridor – Hydro One
Multiple Areas within Nepean Township, Carleton County, City of Ottawa. 
Work Scope:
Scope of the project consists of the completion of pedestrian survey and test pitting for proposed hydro poles along the South Nepean corridor. Specifically, the work will involve the pedestrian survey of ploughed fields at 5 m intervals and test pitting at 5 m intervals of woodlots, open areas that were formerly agricultural but are now overgrown with trees and developed areas.
Number of Archaeological
Liaisons Requested:
The Stage 2 is scheduled to begin on Thursday, May 30, 2019.. The field work will run for approximately 4 non-consecutive days.  Working week is Monday to Friday, and generally from 7:30am to 5pm. 
Personal Protective
6 – 8-inch steel-toed boots and high visibility vest.
Vests can be provided if none are available.
 If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Sarah Cronier, Cultural Heritage Project Assistant at 613-735-3759 (office) or by email at scronier@tanakiwin.com no later than 12 noon on Tuesday, May 28, 2019.
Should you be selected to participate, please provide a short-written report of your experience of the assessment to Sarah Cronier, by email within one week of completing the assessment.
Thank you for your willingness to serve as an Algonquin Liaison on behalf of the Algonquins of Ontario.
Sarah Cronier
Cultural Heritage Project Assistant
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Tel: 613-735-3759
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