New Enrolment Policy

 As of July 5, 2018, please note that because of ongoing Beneficiary Criteria negotiations, all new enrolment applications will be on hold.  This includes new membership and enroled members wishing to have their names added to future Voter Lists and wanting a new BAFN ID card.

Members can still fill out the Algonquins of Ontario Enrolment (AOO) form but they will be held until such time as we are instructed that the criteria have been set.

This covers:

  • any new members, not previously enrolled
  • members that have not previously filled out an AOO or (Agreement in Principle) AIP to have their names added to the voting list

PLEASE NOTE:  This new enrolment policy will affect all Hunting Applications.  If you are trying to add a new member to your group that has not previously filled out an AOO, you will be required to find another name that is on the Voter’s List or has previously filled out the proper enrolment form.