Price Inquiry for a Sustainability Consultant
  • CLC is looking to retain a sustainability consultant for the National Capital Region and Atlantic region properties. This consultant will assist CLC with various sustainability projects.
 Price Inquiry for Landscape Architect  (Wateridge)
  • CLC requires a landscape architect for a three year term to assist on various tasks for Wateridge Village. The landscape architect will provide inspection and reporting on trees planted in order to release F1 and F2 certificates. Complete site visits twice a year to assess all vegetation. Provide recommendations and reporting on dealing with nuisance insects/ pests from an arborist. The consultant will also assist CLC with preparing an RFP and monitoring the construction work.
 Price Inquiry for an Affordable Housing Consultant (NCR and Atlantic)
  • CLC requires a consultant to assist CLC in affordable housing research for various projects across the NCR and Atlantic region.
We ask that interested Algonquin businesses with expertise in these areas contact Erin Forzley at or 613-564-0440 by noon on Friday July 23, 2021 so that CLC can pre-qualify firms prior to procuring these services.