The Circle of Turtle Lodge calls on all SURVIVORS of the SIXTIES SCOOP living in Renfrew County to participate in their ‘Welcome Home’ project that includes four Saturday workshops focused on reclaiming our Indigenous Well-Being over the summer months at our Indigenous Hub in the [east] Pembroke Mall.

Sixties Scoop Survivors, and those affected by intergenerational trauma from it, may register for FREE to attend our conference which will include lunch and the following topics:

  • A ceremonial opening and closing
  • Indigenous Identity: Spirit Names and Clans
  • Your Medicine Bundle for Healing
  • Self-Care for Scoop Survivors
  • Intergenerational Trauma Indicators
  • Sharing Circle

Additional wellness days on the land – one each month – will be included with registration for those interested.

Click the links below next to the dates to register for the specific day you wish to attend. Please feel free to share with community members.


July 8:

Aug 12:

Sept 9: